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4 Helpful Reasons Cleaning Services Benefit from Using Bin There Dump That

 (modified Jan 23, 2023)

Moving can be a challenge for homeowners and the cleaning is just one more thing to worry about. That’s why a growing number of people are opting to hire move out cleaners to help. If you offer this type of service, we can help make the task a bit easier and speed things up as well. Here’s why we think that cleaning services can benefit from utilizing Bin There Dump That.

1. It Makes it Easier to Remove Large Items

In some cases you may only be tasked with simple clean up tasks such as scrubbing the cupboards, cleaning the floors and wiping down the countertops. For most move out cleaning services it’s a little more involved like that.

Homeowners want to worry about what they’re taking with them. They hire a cleaning service to take care of the rest so that they don’t have to concern themselves with it. This can mean a lot of junk left to deal with and that can even include some large items such as old furniture stored in the basement they no longer need.

A dumpster is ideal for getting rid of large items. Depending on how many large items you're getting rid of, a big dumpster rental may come in handy. With our specially modified trucks we can fit our bins in some tight spaces that others can’t. That makes us your best option for easy trash removal when you’re cleaning out a home for a client.

2. Dumpsters are Convenient

Even if your cleaning service has a van or pick up truck, a dumpster is still a more convenient way to get rid of trash. It’s cleaning homes that drives profit for your company, not making unnecessary trips back and forth to a landfill.

Our dumpsters come in a range of different sizes to suit projects both big and small. If you’re developing a deep cleaning house checklist for your business, you’ll want to make sure renting a dumpster is part of it.

Truck dropping off bin in driveway

3. A Stress Free Solution for Trash Removal

When a homeowner hires your move out cleaning service it’s usually on a tight schedule. After all, there’s a new owner waiting to move in. They want the house cleaned well and they want it completed as soon as possible.

We can’t remove all of your stress, but we can offer you a stress free solution for trash removal. Having a dumpster in the driveway while you work means you can easily get rid of anything that’s just in the way. That way you can get back to the cleaning that you were hired to do.

4. Our Dumpsters are Residential Friendly

You might be convinced that it’s a good idea to rent a dumpster for your move out cleaning services, but why choose Bin There Dump That? We can think of one great reason — we’re the Residential Dumpster Rental specialists.

It’s not just our specially modified pickup trucks that make our service a better option for use on any type of residential project. Our dumpsters are also designed with dimensions that are Residential Friendly.

If you can park the company van in a spot in a client's driveway, we can fit a dumpster there as well. That allows you to park on the other side while you work and come and go as needed without any hassles.

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What is Included in a Move-Out Cleaning?

If you’re looking into dumpster rentals because you want to expand the services you offer it’s a great decision. You can include a comprehensive deep cleaning house checklist for your clients. This can include cleaning, vacuuming, sorting, junk removal and you can allow them to choose the rooms they want cleaned or they can opt for the whole house.

How Much Does Move Out Cleaning Cost?

According to HomeAdvisor the average cost of move out cleaning services is between $110 and $650. This only accounts for standard cleaning though. If you’re hired to take on a project that also includes junk removal, homeowners know and expect that the costs involved will increase. You’ll want to make sure you include the cost of the dumpster rental in your final quote.

When you’re taking on extra cleaning and junk removal tasks you’re making the homeowner’s move easier and they expect to pay more for that convenience. Renting a dumpster not only makes your project easier, it makes the move go smoother for your client as well.

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