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[Infographic] Picking Sides | Guide to Home Siding


The siding on your house is one of the barriers between you and the elements. Considering all the styles, colors and features at your disposal, it's one of the areas of your home that deserves signifcant consideration. 

How do you know which siding product is best for your home? Below in an infographic that walks you through the most popular siding options in vinyl and fiber cement and highlighting the main differences between the two options that concern most homeowners. 

The infographic details the advantages and negatives of the two most popular siding options while detailing when to consider making a change with your siding, if you've been living in that house for a number of years. These considerations of when it's time to replace your house siding includes:

  • Damage
  • Energy Costs
  • Frequent Maintenance
  • Deterioating Product

When you've decided it's time to make a replacement with your siding, you'll compare vinyl vs cement fiber and you'll need advantages and negatives of both, including:

  • Low-Maintenace (vinyl)
  • Durability (cement fiber)
  • Heat Loss Prevention (vinyl)
  • Home Insurance Discounts (cement fiber)

Siding infographic

Infographic provided by: DaBella